Why Everyone is Still Talking About Anne Heche’s Car Crash

Video of Anne Heche struggling to break free from the white burn bag while being wheeled to the ambulance has drawn major public attention.

Video of Anne Heche struggling to break out of the white burn bag while being wheeled to the ambulance has drawn major public attention.

Anne Heche and the Deadly Car Crash

Anne Heche was pronounced dead on Sunday, after she sped down a neighborhood street on August 5th. Heche reportedly suffered a severe brain injury, severe burns and was in a coma for several days before passing.

Below is a photo of Heche’s Mini Cooper driving down the quiet street seconds before she plows into a house. Onlookers point out the loud and unusual noise her car was making right before the fiery crash.

Photo by NY Post

Not long before the deadly crash into a Mar Vista home, she was spotted in another neighborhood driving erratically and reportedly crashed into an apartment building. In this video, you can see Heche quickly speeding up while in the apartment building parking lot.

Social Media Has Gone Wild

Social media and the internet have gone wild with suspicions about Anne Heche’s car crash. Many have pointed out how she struggled to break out of the white burn bag and seemed to reach down to untie her feet. The Fireman pushed her down and continued to roll her into the ambulance. Others pointed out she did not have a neck brace on, which is typical for victims of car crashes.

Daily Mail UK

Many people believe that because of her involvement in uncovering elements of child trafficking in the Lifetime movie Girl In Room 13 she may have been a target of professional sex traffickers.

Reporting sex trafficking is known in the industry to be a “no-no” among high-profile elites and some politicians (remember Jeffery Epstein?).


Ann Heche is no stranger to “controversial” movies, she starred in a 2008 movie, Toxic Skies, which was about chemtrails and a deadly virus outbreak.

Suspicious Car Crashes

Social media has also exploded with notions that Heche’s car could have been electronically controlled, causing her breaks to malfunction and increase in speed.

The device many are talking about is called a “QNX”.

According to Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek from IO Active, hacking a car remotely can and has easily been done. You can check out the company’s technical whitepaper here.

Charlie Miller, who currently helps run IO Active and is in the video above, resigned from Twitter as a security researcher in 2015.

IO Active’s mission is “to make the world a safer and more secure place.”

A recent report by Before It’s News stated Russian Intelligence suggests Anne Heche and Indiana House Representative Jackie Walorski might have been working together, in some way, to fight child sex trafficking. Jackie Walorski was known for her combat on human trafficking.

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