McCownGordon is working with US supermarket giant Walmart to design and build a 330,000-square-foot high-volume case-ready beef facility in Kansas.

Here’s The Beef Background

Walmart announced that it will open its first-ever owned and operated case-ready beef facility in 2025. Kansas City based McCownGordon will build the facility and often works with Walmart.

“It’s going to be Walmart associates that are the employees that work at this facility.” McCownGordon Construction Market Leader Justin Hamilton said in an interview with FOX4 Tuesday. “That’s the first of its kind from a beef standpoint. Historically they’ve bought them from other companies and just received that product and put it on their store shelves.”

The facility will package and distribute cuts of the higher-grade Angus beef from Sustainable Beef LLC. Walmart acquired a minority stake in the ranch-based beef processing plant last year, which is expected to be functional in late-2024.

Walmart announced its intention to develop an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef in 2019, to provide customers with more options for higher-quality meat.

The retail giant made strategic moves to achieve their goal by including an equity investment in Sustainable Beef LLC last year.

David Baskin, Senior VP of deli, meat, and seafood at Walmart, commented: “At Walmart, enhancing quality is integral to how we innovate. Once opened, our case-ready beef facility in Olathe will mark an important next step in our journey to create an end-to-end Angus beef supply chain, ensuring our customers have access to the high-quality meats they expect at the everyday low prices they rely on.”

McCownGordon is leading the design and construction of the new facility in Olathe, Kansas, in collaboration with ESI Design Services, a construction company committed to building sustainable food facilities across the US, the new facility results from a $257 million investment by Walmart.

The project is expected to break ground later this year and will create over 1,000 design, fabrication, and construction jobs and is set for completion in 2025.

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