Trump’s Lawyer Claims No Copy Of FBI Warrant, Afraid Something Got Planted

The FBI raided former President Donald Trump's house on Monday evening without receiving a copy of the official warrant.

The FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s house on Monday evening without receiving a copy of the official warrant.

The FBI Sieze

Monday evening the FBI raided the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump at his home in Mar-A-Largo. Trump was not at his home during the raid, and was in New York City, who was notified by his son Don Trump, Jr.

Currently, experts claim the FBI raid took place because the former president may have taken confidential materials from the White House.

In January 2022 the National Archives retrieved 15 boxes of material from Donald Trump.

Where Is The FBI Warrant?

Accoridng to sources, Trump or his lawyer Alina Habba did not get a copy of the FBI warrant. Habba stated on the Jessee Waters show on Fox News, that according to sources on the ground they were not given a warrant, and were only allowed to see it and it was taken back.

Many fear the FBI may have planted something during the raid.

The Judge Who Approved Warrant Is Anti-Trump?

Judge Bruce Reinhardt, from the Southern District of Florida, reportedly approved the warrant on the South Florida estate.

  1. The judge has ties to well known pedophile Jeffery Epstein. His ties to Epstein’s employees were first reported by the Miami Herald after he became a magistrate judge in 2018. He reportedly told the paper that those he represented included Epstein’s pilots, his scheduler, Sarah Kellen, and a woman Nadia Marcinkova.
  2. He made anti-Trump social media posts. Accoriding to Summit News, Reinhardt made it clear in social media posts in 2017 his dislike for President Trump.

3. Reinhardt made donations to former President Barack Obama’s campaign. Fox news reports “Bruce Reinhart, a Florida federal magistrate judge, donated $1,000 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and added $1,000 more to the Obama Victory Fund that same cycle, according to federal filings. Reinhart later contributed $500 to Jeb Bush’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, federal filings show. Reinhart did not immediately respond to a Fox News Digital inquiry on his donations.”

More Details Are Unravaling

Shortly after the FBI raid, the FBI also apprehended GOP Rep. Scott Perry’s (R-PA) cell phone.

According to the White House press secretary, who did not answer any questions about the Trump FBI invasion, the White House is deferring questions to the Department of Justice. The White House also announced office announced it will resume “mysterious” prescreening of reporters in the East Room.

This is a developing story.

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