Singing Senior Caregiver Wins National Caregiver Of The Year Award

Visiting Angels awarded part-time employee and 'singer' Paula Perez with the annual National Caregiver Award.

Visiting Angels awarded part-time employee and ‘singer’ Paula Perez with the annual National Caregiver Award.

And the Award Goes To…

Congratulations to Paula Perez for winning the annual “Caregiver of the Year” award by Visiting Angels!

The Visiting Angels Caregiver of the Year award is given to one senior caregiver who exudes compassion, commitment, drive, and a caring heart for their patients.

Tricia Wingerter and her husband own the Visiting Angels franchise in Bethlehem and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and nominated Paula Perez for her “bone-deep caring” and work ethic.

“Paula seeks out opportunities independently and within our organization to educate herself on the needs of her clients and how best to meet their needs. She cares for an individual living with dementia who has emotional challenges. Paula has armed herself with knowledge on how to best address her emotional needs while preserving her dignity, improving her quality of life and inviting her to participate in her own care at her highest level.”

Visiting Angels Caregiver of the Year Award

Paula Perez, the “Singing” Senior Caregiver

To Perez, a lifelong Bethlehem, PA resident, says she is just doing her job. But to others, it’s a lot more than that.

For the past two years, Perez worked with a very special patient, Mary Ann. Though Marry Ann, who has been married for 59 years, has dementia, it doesn’t stop the pair from having fun and going places. Mary Ann doesn’t like staying home, so they take short trips together to the fairgrounds or the Dollar Store. A typical morning drive starts with “That’s Amore,” Dean Martin.

Much of their time in the car is spent singing, which is like therapy for Mary Ann. “I’ve learned as much from Mary Ann and the illness of dementia and Alzheimer’s as she has from me,” said Paula Perez to WPVI news. Formal training is given to employees like Perez, but she goes beyond what is expected of her and opens her heart to those she cares for.

Perez was surprised to learn that she won the award, chosen among hundreds of nationwide franchise nominations, and was gifted a $5,000 check. You can check out the finalists and semi-finalists here.

About Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels provides senior care to families across the United States since 1998. Their in-home care provides hourly care, overnight care, and 24-hour care and can provide companionship, personal care, meal assistance, light housekeeping, and assistance with errands.


The Visiting Angels Caregiver of the Year Award is the most prestigious honor for Visiting Angels to bestow on the winning caregiver and the two finalists. During the nomination process, our franchisees nominate one of their caregivers for the award. A select group of franchise owner’s review all nominations and determine the finalists and winner.

Award Information

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