“There’s Poop Everywhere” – San Francisco’s Covered In Sh*t

By now, almost everyone knows San Francisco is the nation’s largest public toilet – requiring the city to employ a six-figure ‘poop patrol’ cleanup team.

Here’s The Scoop

A new report from the city Controller’s Office puts things in perspective.

Feces were found far more often in commercial sectors, covering “approximately 50% of street segments in Key Commercial Areas and 30% in the Citywide survey,” second only to broken glass as seen in the ‘illegal dumping’ section.

Regarding where most of the poo is found, Nob Hill takes the top spot, followed by the Tenderloin and The Mission districts.

Via the San Francisco Standard

It’s terrible; this street is covered,” Tenderloin resident Joe Souza told The San Francisco Standard earlier this month. “There’s poop everywhere. You always see it along the wall and in front of the garage there.”

San Francisco’s issue comes amid a staggering commercial office vacancy rate as a combination of pandemic-era work-from-home policies and people fleeing the city’s notorious violence and poo-covered streets have made the once-thriving city a ghost town.

This wasn’t the first time San Fransisco has had such a poop problem. Back in 2018, there were also some major issues.

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  1. “There’s Poop Everywhere”
    In other words…

    “There’s Communists (DemocRATs) Everywhere”

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