Warning: Rise in Squatters Taking Over Vacant Homes

By Alex Steele Apr28,2023

Homeowners are in dire circumstances due to squatters taking over empty properties – certain squatters even receive protection from state legislation.

Beware of Squatters – They Have ‘Rights’ Too

Squatting, or the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied property without the owner’s permission, has been a long-standing issue in many parts of the world, including the United States.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in squatters taking over homes in America, which has caused concern among homeowners, real estate developers, and law enforcement agencies.

We wanted to bring this topic to your attention because of the increase in homeowners being affected by squatters taking over their vacant homes or rental properties.

When homeowners take legal action against the illegal squatter, it can take months or years to be resolved and get your home back.

American is Under Attack By Squatters – Be Ware!

Please check out these articles from other news outlets to inform yourself about what is happening across America and what could happen to you.

There are hundreds of cases across the country, so please do your research and protect any vacant homes you may own, and be sure to check your legal rights in case you, too, need to go to court.

Homeowners are Fed Up

Oregon might allow lawbreaking squatters to sue homeowners.

“Oregon Democrats have put forward a bill that would decriminalize camping despite calls for help from residents already exasperated by the homelessness crisis in the state.”

People in Portland seem fed up.

This homeowner in Rochester can’t get his squatters to leave.

Here, this person points out how afraid San Francisco residents are to leave their homes to go on vacation because of the squatters who may take over.

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