Starbucks New Oleato Drink Cause Urgent Bathroom Runs

Oleato coffee, the new Starbucks drink infused with olive oil, is causing a commotion with customers who experience urgent bathroom visits.

Here’s What Starbucks Customers are Saying

Starbucks customers are complaining that drinking Oleato coffee, which contains extra virgin olive oil, is causing them to urgently use the bathroom after their morning Venti.

“Have you tried them?” a Reddit user by the name of “MoodyStarGirl” posted on the social media site on March 16 about the drinks.

According to her posts, she created a discussion on “olive oil drinks” when her store manager prohibited the staff from informing customers about the adverse effects.

“I’m wondering how many people are going to have happen to them what a few happened to our team,” the person continued.

“Half the team tried it yesterday and a few ended up … needing to use the restroom, if [you] know what I mean.”

She said she was “scared” to sample it because “I already have stomach/bowel problems,” she wrote.

The Oleato drinks were first introduced by the coffee chain in Italy in February, and have since been launched in several major cities throughout the United States.

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