Man Wins Women’s Golf Tournament in Australia, Sparks Outrage

Breanna Gill, a man who competed and won in Australia’s women’s golf tournament, has sparked both support and outrage worldwide.

Biological Male Wins Biological Female’s Golf Tournament

A biological male who claims to be a transgender women in women’s golf, has ignited a furry of conversations about fairness and safeguarding the authenticity of the sport.

You may recall when Lia Thomas, a transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer, stirred up a debate regarding the equity of transgender women competing with biological females in NCAA women’s swimming during the 2021-22 season.

In 2018, Breanna Gill was named the “first woman” to win a women’s professional golf tournament held in the South Pacific Islands.

Breanna Gill’s win at the Australian Women’s Classic intensified the ongoing argument if biological males should be allowed to compete in biological women’s sports.

The Transgender’s Win Caused Rift on Social Media

Following the win, Gill allegedly received multiple hateful messages on social media, causing the winner to remove Twitter and Instagram profiles.

“It’s the biggest win of her life. It’s really sad that she can’t celebrate that win,” WPGA Tour of Australasia chief Karen Lunn told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Lunn informed The Sydney Morning Herald that the WPGA Tour of Australasia account deleted the tweets.  It also appears the WPGA Tour of Australasia currently has their tweets protected.

Pushback on Biological Males Competing in Biological Women’s Sports

Online backlash against Gill’s win included accusations of “taking away a woman’s spot” and labeling the golfer’s victory as a “mental illness”.

One Twitter user called out the numerous instances where transgender athletes are participating in women’s sports, and question if “the end” of women’s sports is approaching.

Although some Twitter users denounced the death threats directed towards Gill, others disapproved of men competing in women’s sports.

Lunn explained Gill fulfilled the policy requirements for transgender athletes, and the involvement had not caused issues with the other 300 members of the organization.

The conditions for participation comprise gender reassignment surgery, one year of hormonal therapy, and legal documentation confirming the gender reassignment.

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