Starbucks is decaffeinating Russia and decides to close over a hundred of its stores.

Starbucks is decaffeinating Russia, and has decided to close over a hundred of its stores.


Russia’s leader President Putin launched the Ukrainian invasion on February 24th and has continued to fight to take over the country ever since. Putin calls this move a “special military operation” rather than an invasion or war. However, that’s not what other countries call it.

Because of the Russian special military operation, there has been no shortage of effects worldwide.

Recently Finland and Sweden joined Nato, the value of Russia’s money dropped to a record low, and natural gas prices increased across Europe, and don’t forget the rising prices of petroleum oil and gas.

Recently, there were satellite images that appear to show Russian ships loading up with grain from Ukraine.

Starbucks Decaffeinates An Entire Country

Because of Russia’s “special military operations” into Ukraine, many companies decided to pull out of the country and stop doing business with them.

Banks, oil companies, capital investment and healthcare companies, popular businesses like McDonald’s, and most recently Starbucks.

On Monday, Starbucks sent a memo to its Russian employees informing them they will soon close its 130 stores and do not plan to have any brand presence in Russia.

This means laying off 2,000 employees, and that Starbucks is decaffeinating Russia.

Starbucks is trying to ease the pain by helping employees with job placements and will be giving them six months of pay. The Seattle-based coffee company said it has “suspended all business activity in Russia, including shipment of all Starbucks products” and will “no longer have a brand presence in the market.” 

McDonald’s Pulls Out

Before Starbucks sent a memo to their employees, McDonald’s announced they are selling their businesses and “de-arching” Russia after 30 years of operation in the company.

McDonald’s said they reached a deal with its existing licensee Alexander Govor who will purchase the entire chain and operate it under an entirely different name.

Goodbye, Mickey-D’s. Goodbye, Starbucks.

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