Search Warrants Served To “2000 Mules” Arizona Nonprofit Center

By Kate Striker May 24, 2022
Search warrants have been served to a "2000 Mules" Arizona nonprofit center, and others.

Search warrants have been served to a “2000 Mules” Arizona nonprofit center, and others.

2000 Mules

The documentary film 2000 Mules by famous author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote recently exposed countless examples of coordinated voter fraud evidence that could change the election outcome.

The film exposed evidence via geotracking data of 10 trillion cell phone pings where the “mules” traveled back and forth from nonprofit centers to ballot drop-off locations. The video evidence shown was from surveillance in key states where the nailbiting elections are called.

The After Effects

Hundreds of thousands of people who watched the film posted their opinions on social media and wanted to know what could be done about the election fraud. It seemed like such damning evidence was shown in teh film. Certainly, something would happen to the people who committed a federal crime, right?

On May 21st, the Gateway Pundit revealed that a law enforcement raid was conducted on a Yuma County nonprofit organization connected to the 2000 Mules documentary. On May 11th, the Yuma County Sherriff’s office sent out a press release indicating an investigation on voter fraud for the 2020 General Election. 

Thanks to the film, search warrants have been served to a “2000 Mules” nonprofit center, one of which went to Gloria Torres., a San Luis City Council Member and Gadsen Elementary School District Board member. In December 2020 Yuma County had election fraud through “ballot harvesting.”

Election Fraud

With Dominion voter software being used (again) for elections, could there be more election fraud? Here is a concerned citizen of Broward County, Florida, asking for all ballot drop boxes to be under surveillance.

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