Squatter Takes Over Army Reservist’s Home

When Mikiya Barber signed up to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve, she never imagined her biggest battle would be over her own house in Houston.

Here’s Why

A member of the US Army Reserve taken advantage of by a heartless squatter, who drives a Mercedes, says she’s spent “over $50,000” of her hard-earned cash in the last year dealing with the unlawful dweller.

Lt. Mikiya Barber, 26, bought her dream home in Houston, Texas, in May 2022, but soon after was called up for active duty, according to ABC 13.

After receiving orders that she’d be stationed in Florida, she put her three-bedroom, two-bathroom home up for rent to make some extra income while away.

Barber said it all went “downhill” after she chose Natasha Timmons to become her tenant.

Things looked clear, and Timmons signed a lease. The rent on the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was $2,000 a month. Timmons paid for two months, but that’s it.

“Then, it started going downhill,” Barber said. “I tried to make a payment plan for her. Then, she started threatening me to file bankruptcy and making sure I go through this process.”

Court records show Timmons had a theft conviction back in 2003. More recently, she has filed four identical bankruptcy cases. Two filings came after she moved into Barber’s home. Despite declaring bankruptcy, neighbors showed ABC13 video of Timmons and others in the home driving luxury cars and even washing the vehicles in the driveway.

“It’s been emotionally draining to the point where I’ve had therapy,” she told the outlet.

Barber has been forced to take time away from serving the country to fight this legal battle in Texas

“She is living in the house and making it known she’s not leaving my house, but I’m excited for (Monday’s hearing), and she’ll be out soon,” Barber, who looked visibly relieved after the latest court hearing, said.

Barber is due to head back to Florida to resume her job with the Army in a few days.

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