Fitbit’s Possible Class Action Lawsuit

Do you have a Fitbit Charge 5? Was your Fitbit “bricked” by a recent firmware update?

Fitbit released its v194.61 firmware update for the Charge 5 in June and July of 2023. Since then, hundreds of consumers have flooded online forums to detail issues caused by the update. According to consumers, the Charge 5 update causes:

  • Battery drains
  • Black screens
  • “Bricked” devices
  • And other problems

Unfortunately, Fitbit hasn’t provided a solution to its botched update, leaving countless consumers with expensive but useless wearables and no options for relief.

Consumers whose Charge 5 devices were impacted by the update problems may be able to take legal action by filing a class action lawsuit. A Fitbit class action lawsuit could recover compensation for consumers whose devices are now diminished in value or entirely useless due to update-related issues.

Fitbit Charge 5: overview

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a smart wearable device that tracks activity and other metrics for users. Tom’s Guide rated the Fitbit Charge 5 at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, calling it a “brilliant” tracker for most users. The device’s bright display, GPS and included ECG monitor all helped earn this ranking.

The Charge 5 has amassed a horde of loyal followers. Unfortunately, these users may have had their loyalty rewarded with a faulty update that reportedly bricks the devices.

Fitbit update problems

Fitbit rolled out the v194.61 update in the end of June 2023, adding new clock faces, additional global language characters, more exercise modes and other benefits. But the update may inadvertently brick Charge 5 wearable devices by drastically draining the battery and leaving it with a black screen.

In July 2023, a Charge 5 user posted on Fitbit’s community forum, saying that their screen went black and remains so despite attempts to fix it. Since this initial post, hundreds of consumers have expressed similar concerns on the v194.61 update forum post. According to these posts, countless consumers are experiencing extreme battery drains and a bricked Charge 5 with no relief in sight from Fitbit.

“Many folks in the firmware thread are talking about it, but the community managers keep referring us to Customer Support,” one commenter wrote. “It’s frustrating if you’re out of warranty (like me) and don’t want to spend another $100+ on a year-old device.”

Although some consumers have reportedly been offered free replacement devices, others are left with bricks where their favorite smart wearable used to be. Customers on the Fitbit forums are frustrated with the company, saying that they haven’t gotten the help they want following this mass firmware issue.

“Well, my Charge 5 is still functional, but practically unusable since it is down to 2-3 hours of battery time after the firmware update,” one commenter laments. “Why are you at Fitbit not communicating the progress to fix your firmware mess? It is such a poor brand management. Soon I will give up on you and turn elsewhere.”

Join a Fitbit Charge 5 issues class action lawsuit investigation

Consumers who experienced Fitbit Charge 5 issues after updating their devices may be able to take legal action. A Fitbit class action lawsuit could help consumers recover compensation for their ruined devices if Fitbit fails to take accountability for its faulty update.

If you own a Fitbit Charge 5 and experienced problems after installing firmware update v194.61, you may qualify to participate in this Fitbit update class action lawsuit investigation. 

Please fill out the form on this page to see if you qualify for a FREE case evaluation. 

After you fill out the form, an attorney(s) or their agent(s) may contact you to discuss your legal rights.

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