September 28, 2022

5 thoughts on “School Board Bans Gay and BLM Flags

  1. It’s about time. I hope more school boards will grow a pair and and do the same. Our children are not there to be used as a sponge for anyone’s political or sexual agenda.

  2. Good to hear. Keep the American, state, county flags, keeps the school neutral; otherwise it seems like favoritism. Melinda, California

  3. I am absolutely thrilled with the po, licy to only allow The American flag, Maryland state flag, and Caroll County flag to be displayed in classrooms. Brilliant !! I hope and pray every state will enforce the same policy. We shoudn’t be using innocent children as sponges to absorb views, ideas and ideologies….that they have no life experience to form opinions on, but can regurgitate what they hear.
    BRAINWASHING at its worst!!

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