America is experiencing a teacher shortage as high as 280,000 nationwide, as children are headed back to school.

The Teacher Shortage

According to reports, approximately 280,000 teacher positions remain unfulfilled as classes are underway. Experts argue the shortage is because of the lack of pay, extra hours worked, lack of “respect” from the public, lack of support in classrooms, disrespectful parents, and lack of common manners from children.

Some teachers have pointed out that school administrators and state boards heavily micromanage them, where others cite overfilled classrooms and having to purchase school supplies out of their own pockets. Additionally, some teachers point to the “woke” agenda that is being pushed onto them and their school children.

Estimated current vacancies:

  • Florida: 8,000
  • Arizona: 2,000
  • Kansas: 1,400
  • New York: 400
  • Dallas, Texas: 300
  • Onslow County, California: 70
  • Wake County, North Carolina: 400

Florida’s Broward County reported hiring over 100 teachers from the Philippines to teach in classrooms this year. Connecticut’s Hartford Public school system hired 15 bilingual teachers from Puerto Rico and needs to fill 230 more teaching positions.

The shortage is reportedly dire in these states as well: Nevada, California, Illinois, Arizona, and Missouri. Because of the teacher shortage, children will not receive as much individualized help.

Florida has opened teacher positions to military veterans who’ve served at least four years, so far more than 80 veterans have applied to these positions.

What To Do?

The Insider reported Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said on Sunday that “he does not support lowering qualification standards for teachers to address the shortage in the nation’s schools. “I do not support lowering any standards for qualifications with teachers, I think we need to be creative in how we get the teachers in,” Cardona told CBS’s Face the Nation.”

Cardona would like to use The Amerian Rescue Plan, leftover COVID-19 relief funds, to give teachers a salary to make up for the four months of the year they do not work.

The Dallas Independent School district is now offering a $60,000 starting salary and signing bonuses plus incentives and has reported filling about 98% of its vacancies.

Minneapolis’s “Racist” Teachers Union Decision

Minneapolis teachers settled a 14-day strike back in March. They celebrated a new contract to prevent teachers of color from seniority-based layoffs and help ensure students learn from minority teachers who “look like them.”

Many objected to the contract calling it racist and openly discriminating against white teachers.

“The object of this provision is clearly to lay off white teachers first, regardless of merit, based on the color of their skin, and that is a big problem under the Constitution and the 14th Amendment,” said James Dickey, senior trial counsel at the Upper Midwest Law Center, a conservative nonprofit that often takes on public employee unions.

The Minneapolis teachers union is part of several other large unions that “bully teachers into paying dues that go to political issues, not education.”

In happy news, a 58-year old Maryland elementary school teacher won $250,000 in the lottery while on a family vacation, after purchasing a $10 scratch-off.

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