Report: Planned Parenthood Releases Shocking 2022 Statistics

Planned Parenthood of America released it’s annual report, indicating that American taxpayers funded more abortions and other services than ever before.

Here’s What The Report Says

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) released its annual report this week, highlighting that it had received more taxpayer funding in the 2021-2022 fiscal year than ever before in its history.

The report revealed that PPFA staff performed 374,155 abortions during this period, receiving $670.4 million in taxpayer funding, which is a $37 million increase from the previous year.

Although this is a 2.4% reduction from the previous year, it still marks the second-highest number of abortions in PPFA’s history.

In comparison with the 2013 report, it signifies an annual increase of 46,989 abortions.

Since the Dobbs decision in June 2022, which restricted abortion access in Mississippi, the Society of Family Planning published a report, #WeCount, which revealed that there were 32,260 fewer abortions from July to December 2022 compared to the previous year.

The Guttmacher Institute also published a report in 2022 indicating that seven states accounted for 80,500 abortions in 2020, with Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee having a total of 71 abortion facilities before the Dobbs decision.

However, since last June, this number has decreased to only 28.

PPFA’s annual report states that it receives 36% of its funding from taxpayers through government funds, 36% from private donors, and 19% from fees paid by clients.

PPFA’s revenue exceeded its expenses in the 2021-2022 fiscal year, generating a profit of $204.7 million and having total assets of $2.7 billion.

The report also revealed that 41 of PPFA’s 49 affiliates provide “gender-affirming care,” including transgender hormone injections and/or puberty blockers, which is a 1,613% increase from the previous year’s report.

PPFA’s report categorizes these services as “other procedures,” which totaled 256,550 in the most recent review.

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