Pizza Hut Manager Arrested After Locking 16-year-old In Bathroom

A Florida man and Pizza Hut manager is accused of raping a fellow employee at a Pizza Hut in Osceola County.

Here’s What Happened

A Pizza Hut manager was arrested in Florida after he had sex with one of his underage employees in a women’s bathroom, Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said Thursday.

Lopez said Calvin Cooke told the 16-year-old employee to clean the women’s bathroom after the restaurant closed for Saturday night. When she went into the bathroom, Cooke, 31, followed her inside and locked the door, Lopez said. The 6 foot 2,’ 240-pound man proceeded to “commit sex acts” on the girl, according to Lopez.

“This suspect … deserves to be put on blast, and people need to know about what he did,” Lopez said at a press conference. “He needs to be exposed for the type of person he is, and it’s sad, but unfortunately, they live amongst us.”

The girl told deputies she felt forced to have sex with him because she was worried about the repercussions if she told him no, Lopez said. She told her parents what happened after her shift, and they called deputies.

“They [the victim’s parents] called 911. When detectives spoke to the victim she said she was worried about making him upset and was concerned about her job,” Lopez continued.

“In this case, she was concerned about her job, losing it. Her first job that she could buy things for herself and so she’s going to subject herself to this, some guy trying to influence her, being persistent through social media and at work,” Lopez said.

She said the Cooke started talking to her on social media and sent her explicit photos over Snapchat. Cooke admitted to deputies that he committed sex acts on the girl and that she was underage.

“This guy didn’t care,” Lopez said.

Cooke reportedly admitted that he knew that the victim was underage.

Cooke is now facing a number of charges, including sexual battery. Sheriff Lopez urges parents to monitor their child’s social media.

“People like Calvin Cooke out there exist, and they’re waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of your children. Please monitor what your children are doing; it’s your responsibility. We prefer to prevent this from happening rather than responding after this crime took place,” Lopez said.

The sheriff is asking anyone else who may have been a victim to come forward. He says many fast food restaurants hire minors, and Cooke worked at multiple locations.

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