Parents Charged with Horrific Abuse of Emaciated 10-Year-Old Son

Authorities have arrested a couple in Georgia for the horrifying abuse and starvation of their 10-year-old son

Authorities have arrested a couple in Georgia for the horrifying abuse and starvation of their 10-year-old son.

Parents Arrested for Horrific Abuse of Son

A couple in Griffin, Georgia, was arrested and charged with the sickening abuse of their 10-year-old son, who authorities say was starved down to a mere 36 pounds.

Tyler and Krista Schindley face multiple charges, including attempted malice murder, after their emaciated son managed to escape and seek help from a neighbor.

Griffin is located approximately 40 miles south of Atlanta.

The emaciated boy, walking barefoot, approached a neighbor who immediately contacted the police for assistance.

Described as “thin and pale,” the boy expressed his plea to not be sent back home, prompting authorities to take him to the hospital for immediate treatment.

“I thought he was at the most six,” Kim Seigler, who lives next door to the Schindley’s, told local NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.

Parents Withheld Food From the Boy

Arrest warrants revealed shocking details of the alleged abuse, stating that the parents intentionally withheld food from the child, used confinement as punishment, and subjected him to physical harm.

The young boy also boy suffered from untreated dental injuries and facial disfiguration.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Spaulding County District Attorney Marie Broder said. “I have tried many child abuse cases in my career, and this child was, simply put, being starved to death.”

The Schindleys, who homeschooled their five children, have all their children placed under the custody of the state. Arrest warrants further disclosed the extreme physical and mental pain inflicted upon the 10-year-old, including prolonged food deprivation, confinement without access to natural light, hot water, toilet paper, or human interaction.

Authorities suspect he may have also endured physical abuse.

The Abuse Has Been Going On For a While

The timeline of the abuse remains unclear, but charges against the parents span from May 2020 to May 2023. At this time, no charges have been filed regarding the treatment of the other children.

The Schindleys moved into their newly constructed home two years ago and owned True Rest Spas in Peachtree City, McDonough, and another location in Tennessee.

Tyler and Krista Schindley were arrested on Tuesday and are being held without bond at the Spalding County jail. Their charges include attempted malice murder, second-degree murder, false imprisonment, battery, and cruelty to children.

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