OnlyFans Model Catches Teen in Attic Watching Her Sleep

Mauricio Guerrero has been found guilty of stalking a New Hampshire woman by hiding in her attic and secretly recording her, resulting in multiple charges.

Teen Sleeps in Attic to Record OnlyFans Model Sleeping

A Pennsylvania man, Mauricio Guerrero, aged 19, has been found guilty by a jury on multiple charges including burglary, criminal trespass, and invasion of privacy.

The charges stem from an incident in which Guerrero hid in an attic of a New Hampshire woman and OnlyFan model’s home for several days, secretly recording her while she slept. The verdict was delivered on Tuesday.

Guerrero’s arrest took place in February 2022 when he was apprehended on the roof of the woman’s residence in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

Initial Connection Was Through Social Media

Investigators determined he had initially connected with the woman through social media, traveling hundreds of miles from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire. During his stay, Guerrero temporarily lodged at an Airbnb in Portsmouth.

According to reports, Guerrero had allegedly spent a considerable period concealed in the woman’s attic, capturing photographs of her while she slept and attempting to place a tracking device on her car. During the trial, Guerrero claimed that he and the woman were in a relationship and that she “wanted to be stalked,” as reported by WMUR-TV.

They Met Once Before in New Hampshire

The woman testified that their communication began through text messages after Guerrero subscribed to her adult content site on OnlyFans. She stated they engaged in sexual activity during a previous unannounced visit to New Hampshire, but she did not consider their encounters to signify a relationship.

Prosecutors argued that the victim had not invited Guerrero to her home and pointed out he stored food in the attic, only emerging when no one was awake.

While Guerrero awaits sentencing, he has been granted bail and will remain free with the condition of wearing a monitoring device.

The court’s decision reflects the serious nature of the charges and acknowledges the violation of the woman’s privacy and security.

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