New York Mayor Eric Adams has declared a war on dairy and meat for the big apple, however it’s received with plenty of pushback.

Adams Wants People to Stop Eating Dairy and Meat

Mayor Adams promised to take a bite out of New York City’s greenhouse footprint Monday by reducing carbon output when it comes to emissions caused by the production and consumption of food, especially meat.

Adams’ goal is to reduce food-related emissions produced by city government by 33% within seven years time, and to accomplish that he and city officials are taking aim at meat.

In response to the new inventory, Mayor Adams and Mayor’s Office of Food Policy (MOFP) Executive Director Kate MacKenzie also announced that the city will reduce absolute carbon emissions from food purchases across its city agencies by 33 percent by 2030.

Beef Industry Pushes Back

What will you be allowed to eat instead?  If veggies don’t get you excited the establishment elites at the World Economic Forum suggest protein harvested from insects to satiate the appetite of the masses along with soy-formed meat substitutes.  

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), which represents cattlemen and affiliate organizations across all 50 states, accused Adams of misleading on the carbon footprint and emissions profile of the American meat industry. The group noted that beef cattle represent a small fraction of nationwide emissions.

“It’s easy for Mayor Adams to lob attacks at beef, anything that makes for better headlines than ‘Meet NYC’s Rat Czar,’ but the reality is that greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattle represent only 2 percent of emissions in the United States,” NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane told Fox News Digital. “In fact, all of agriculture accounts for approximately 11 percent of U.S. emissions and that includes everything in the Mayor’s vegan diet.” 

“Cattle producers are continuously improving their sustainability practices and will keep producing high quality beef to feed the entire world, while only contributing a small fraction in U.S. emissions,” Lane continued. “Mayor Adams will get some media coverage by besmirching beef’s good name, but we hope the next time he cites accurate information.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Adams has been known for a little controversy, and has had his share of time in the spot light.

Incrementalism is the name of the game and often long term nationwide controls are achieved through the tip-toe of localized policies.

Mandates will come to restaurants and then grocery stores. Also, expect food accused of carbon emissions to be taxed appropriately.

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  1. I’m not a big meat eater BUT what in the world is this man doing????? and Vegetables?? even Vegans eat vegetables. It isn’t about the meat and’s about CONTROL. THEY WANT TOTAL CONTROL IN EVERY PART OF A PERSON’S LIFE!!! STARVE ENOUGH PEOPLE AND THE REST WILL COMPLY!! WEF, WHO, SOROS, BILL GATES and many more want this TOTAL CONTROL!!! OH AND OUR MIGHTY FEARFUL LEADER, JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS AMONG THIS GROUP AS WELL!!!

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