Mt. Rushmore “Targeted” as White Supremacy

Target is facing even more consumer backlash after reports emerged about disruptive groups funded by its nonprofit foundation targeting Mt. Rushmore.

Report: Target’s Foundation Focus Under Scrutiny

The Target Foundation donates 5% of its profits, which the company said amounts to millions of dollars each week, where some of its recipients condemn capitalism or call Mount Rushmore a symbol of white supremacy.

Findings revealed in a bombshell report is that the foundation which has been directed by “senior corporate treasures” provided funding to a group calling for the shutdown and handover of U.S. sovereign land including Mount Rushmore, one of the nation’s most treasured and iconic monuments which it identifies as an “international symbol of White supremacy” and expressed hostile views toward the “violent” U.S. armed forces which it wants to see demilitarized.

The same grantee also supports the destruction of Israel’s Jewish character through what is called the Palestinian “Law of Return” and implementing economic warfare tactics against the Jewish State, such as boycotts and sanctions, to “Free Palestine.” 

According to Fox News Digital, “The Target Foundation’s webpage reflected that it funded the NDN Collective in 2022, a South Dakota-based nonprofit with a revenue stream that has reached as high as $50M+, according to its 2021 tax filing. NDN operates with a ‘racial equity lens’ and is “dedicated to building Indigenous power [t]hrough organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking… and narrative change.”

NDN Calls For America to Give Up Its Public Land

NDN identifies as “intersectional,” which is an idea coined by a critical race theorist, Kimberlé Crenshaw, who says that America is inborn with structurally racist and misogynistic systems, and they can intersect upon an individual to form numerous layers of persecution.

By joining forces with other oppressed groups, NDN hopes to move towards “liberation.”

The organization’s campaign “LANDBACK” called for America to give up its public land.

“The closure of Mount Rushmore, return of that land and all public lands in the Black Hills, South Dakota is our cornerstone battle,” NDN said.

“Not only does Mount Rushmore sit in the heart of the sacred Black Hills, but it is an international symbol of White supremacy and colonization. To truly dismantle white supremacy and systems of oppression, we have to go back to the roots. Which, for us, is putting Indigenous Lands back in Indigenous hands.”

NDN also claimed U.S. military origins were, by extension, based on indiscriminate killings and alleged complicity in slavery. 

DEI Program Accelerated Under Kiera Fernandez

Target’s “accelerated” its DEI program in response to Black Lives Matter activism under the leadership of its diversity chief – Kiera Fernandez. The chief has demanded that “White women” get to work to combat the proclaimed systemic racism in America. 

“One of the hardest things in the world to be every day is Black,” Kiera Fernandez, a chief diversity and inclusion officer at Target, said in a video interview with Essence Magazine in January.

Another Target Foundation grantee said parents must teach specifically “White children” about systemic racism and to “see color.” It also claimed that capitalism maintained a role in perpetuating racism. 

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  1. Why does anyone listen to these woke fools who want to destroy everything that is good about the USA? They are utterly devoid of common sense and any semblance of moral courage. They are cowards of the worst kind. They deserve ZERO respect. Do not give it to them EVER! Expose them and their Media shills for the liars that they are. If not, they will infect us like stage 4 cancer. We must use the RIGHT medicine to root out this cancer from our nation forever. If not, we deserve every disaster these people will foist on WE THE PEOPLE. I call on Millenials and Gen Z’ers to wake up and kick most, if not all, of the bureaucrats from both parties out of DC in 2024. That includes Old Sleepy Joe and his cartoon of a VP and his whole Cabinet of Misfit Toys.

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