A New Jersey school mom and law student was treated like a terrorist after posting a question about a polysexual poster in her daughters elementary school.

New Jersey Mom Concerned About Sexual Posters, Backfired

A mother from New Jersey, who claimed that she was treated as a terrorist after raising concerns about ‘offensive signs’ at her daughters school in November last year, has filed a lawsuit against nine people whom she believes have violated her civil rights.

In November, Reading’s 7-year-old daughter asked what “polysexual” meant after attending an elementary school math night, the lawsuit alleged. 

Social Media Post by Reading

Angela Reading, a mother of two, third-year law student, and esteemed member of her county’s regional board of education, is being represented by the nonprofit public interest law firm, the Thomas More Society.

On March 15, the firm filed a lawsuit on her behalf in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

The 62-page lawsuit alleges that the police chief of North Hanover Township, acting in combination with military personnel from the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, coerced the removal of her Facebook post in which she objected to sexually explicit material posted in the hallway of a local elementary school.

She spoke up because her children were exposed to the material. 

According to the lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Society, the defendants said she was a “security threat” and alerted multiple law enforcement and security agencies with the intention of retaliating against her and instilling fear, which prevented her from speaking up in the future.

School Mom Had Life Uprooted

During an interview with CBN News Monday, Reading said not only was there a mob of people trying to cancel her, “but I had a response from the United States military and our local police force that labeled me as a security threat, pretty much coerced my social media post to come down, and then reported me to local, federal and stage agencies as essentially a terrorist.”

“My entire life has been uprooted,” she said. “When all of this was taking place, I’m in law school and I had to stop going to school, not take my exams, which plummeted my GPA. I had to pull my kids from school during that time period for their safely. And now I don’t feel safe for them even going back to that school given how so many members of the community and the superintendent participated in this cancellation and betrayal of me as a security threat.”

“So now I need to send my kids to a private school for their safety,” Reading told CBN News. “Not only that. I was forced to resign from the school board for the safety of my children and also that I had an ability to file litigation to protect my civil rights. So this has completely uprooted my professional career. I was supposed to be working for a law firm, representing school boards.”

“So, there are damages far outreaching that will follow me throughout my entire life,” she added. “I don’t even feel comfortable and safe going out in my community the way that they portrayed me. I’ve lost friends that don’t talk to me who actually believed the things that were being said.”

The ‘Controversial’ Facebook Post

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Christopher Ferrara explained, “Mrs. Reading’s November 22, 2022, Facebook post was made as a private citizen from her personal social media account to a discussion group about New Jersey schools.”

“In it, she shared how she had attended an elementary school ‘math night’ the previous evening with her seven-year-old daughter, who after reading LGBT-affirming posters in the school’s entry, asked her mother what ‘polysexual’ meant. Mrs. Reading merely questioned why elementary children were being invited to research topics of sexuality, noting that it is not in the state educational standards nor the board of education approved curriculum,” Ferrara explained.  

“Mrs. Reading did not name names or schools, and invited respectful debate,” he added.

Is is just me that it’s very concerning officials are sneaking into social media accounts when no law has been broken?

City and County Officials Acted “In Conspiracy” Against the Mother

The court documents detail how the situation escalated, as individuals in positions of authority, including members of the military, law enforcement, and the Township, abused their power not only to suppress Reading’s speech but also to stir up public outrage aimed directly at her.

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