Mom and Kids Live With Dead Woman and 16 Dead Animals

A mother allowed her children to live in a house with 16 dead animals and a dead woman on the porch.

Here Are The Gruesome Details

According to reports, law enforcement arrested and charged a 37-year-old woman after discovering that there were children residing in her residence with a deceased elderly woman and numerous deceased animals.

WMBF-TV reviewed a police report which stated that on the night of Thursday, March 16, Horry County Police were dispatched to a residence on the 800 block of Highway 814 to investigate a death.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement discovered a naked deceased woman lying in feces on the front porch.

Officials are not revealing the identity of the deceased individual and that an autopsy is scheduled to take place next week.

A warrant obtained by WMBF alleged, “The kitchen was infested with bugs, and the refrigerator was blocked by garbage and animal cages.”

As per reports, while conducting a search of the residence, law enforcement observed that the hallway floors leading to the children’s rooms were littered with garbage and feces. The entire house was said to be overrun with cockroaches.

Trash reportedly covered the bathroom, making it inaccessible.

Additionally, police allegedly located 16 dead animals.

The owner of the house and custodian of the children, Krystal Pinkowski, was taken into custody and lodged in the Horry County Jail. According to records, Pinkowski has been charged with various offenses, including ill treatment of animals, unlawful conduct towards a child, and the accumulation of overgrown vegetation.

Pinkowoski is being held on a $101,000 bond. On March 18, 2023, PINKOWSKI faced Judge Christopher John Arakas at her bond hearing.

According to online records, PINKOWSKI’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 19, 2023, at 2:00 p.m.

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  1. Omg!!! This is the worst terrible news i’ ever read excuse my English no offense for anybody but wtf!!! What the fk!!! Is wrong with this woman!!!??? We can not!! Allow any one to live like that!! Thanks to the police that rescued those children they were dead alive and bury that dead old woman’s body… OMG!!! THIS IS REALLY TERRIBLE AND HORRIBLE!!!

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