Mom Left Toddler In Car To ‘Swim With Sharks’

A Florida woman has been arrested for child neglect after leaving a toddler in a running car while she left to go swim in the ocean and ‘meet sharks’.

Abandoned Toddler Found By Stranger

Allison Daugherty, 41, was taken into custody after a deputy with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was told by a witness that she parked her 2007 Honda Pilot SUV in a spot near the pier, turned the radio up, and then jumped into the water to begin swimming around Bokeelia Fishing Pier on Monday morning. 

Daugherty is listed as transient on the arrest record.

Twenty minutes later, a passerby noticed the small boy crawling around the vehicle, which was left running with the air conditioning on.

While the Mom was swimming, a group fishing off the pier reportedly yelled warnings to avoid their hooks — just for Daugherty to say “she wanted to get hooked” and “would want to meet sharks,” a report said, noting that sharks are often seen in the waters.

After deputies arrived, Daugherty began to swim further from the coast – a Boca Grande Marine Unit eventually brought her to shore.

Police surveillance footage showed her treading water then being walked in her black bikini to a nearby police vehicle. 

According to staff, she visited the restaurant three times in the last week. After Daugherty’s arrest, staff fed the boy lunch while waiting for a family member to pick him up. 

Daugherty was booked at the Lee County Jail, charged with one count of child neglect for ‘leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle for an excess of 15 minutes’.

It was not her first run-in with the law, as Daugherty had disputes in the past over unpaid insurance and child support.

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