Missing 13-year-old From Texas Found Locked in NC Shed

A missing 13-year-old girl from Texas was locked up in a North Carolina shed, and found by police last week.

Man Caught Trafficking Young Teen Girl

A man from North Carolina is facing several felony charges, such as human trafficking and child rape, as he was found with a missing 13-year-old from Texas in his shed by deputies.

It is alleged that Jorge Ivan Santos Camacho, aged 34, groomed a teenager online and drove to Dallas to pick her up before abducting her to Lexington. There, he allegedly sexually assaulted her and kept her locked up in a shed where he resided.

Sheriff’s Office Found Missing Teen

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office received a notification from the FBI on March 10, indicating that Dallas police had been searching for the missing girl and had traced her online communications to Camacho.

“The content of the chat was consistent with grooming and enticement,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. “Video cameras in the area of the child’s home captured a suspect vehicle which was registered to an address in Davidson County.”

Authorities found the vehicle in town and pulled it over.

“During the traffic stop, it was determined that the juvenile was locked in an outbuilding on the property,” authorities said.

The authorities’ emergency response team entered the shed and rescued the girl, who, according to reports, did not show any signs of physical injuries.

She was taken to a hospital for evaluation and then returned to her family in Texas.

Kidnapper Held in County Jail

The phone number for the property owner was found to be disconnected on Tuesday morning.

The property owner had previously informed Dallas-Fort Worth-based FOX 4 that Camacho had been living in the shed for approximately two years and had been friends with her son.

“I just took him in, helped him out,” she told the station. “I’m not involved with whatever he’s doing, because I didn’t know he was that kind of person.”

Camacho is currently being held at the Davidson County Jail in Lexington on a $1.25 million bond.

He is facing multiple felony charges, including child abduction, felonious restraint, trafficking, statutory rape of a child under 15, sex with a child under 15, and indecent liberties.

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