Millionaire Crypto Influencer Chopped Up in Suitcase

The dismembered remains of a missing millionaire crypto influencer were found stuffed inside a suitcase by a group of children.

Crypto Influencer Found Chopped Up Inside Suitcase

On Sunday, a group of children found a red suitcase while playing by a stream in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires, as reported by Jam Press.

The red suitcase was filled with body parts in the town of Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires Province, on Sunday.

The children’s parents notified the Buenos Aires police, who inspected the package and reportedly found the victim’s legs and forearm inside, discovering another whole arm in the stream.

A subsequent autopsy revealed that the victim had been shot three times before the dismemberment.

According to his brother, Rodolfo Perez Algaba, who traveled to Buenos Aires to help locate him, claimed Fernando wasn’t a scammer, as rumored on the internet.

He stated that his brother was going through severe economic problems due to the demise of cryptocurrency and owed a lot of money to Argentina’s tax agency.

La Nacion newspaper later reported Fernando left a note on his phone explaining he had lost a lot of money in a crypto investment and alluded he had taken up a loan from a Barra Brava gang in Argentina and that if anything happened to him, they had been warned.

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