Some citizens of Mexico City haven't taken kindly to the droves of Californians moving in. Some locals say are saying they "f--ing hate you."

Some citizens of Mexico City have not taken kindly to the droves of Californians moving into their city very lightly, even going as far as to say that the locals “f–ing hate you.”

Some Locals Don’t Like Remote Workers

The image below went viral on social networks.

The sign was posted in Mexico City’s Roma’s neighborhood, saying “New to the city? Working remotely?” fliers popping up around Mexico City reportedly said. “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

The Complaints

Residents in Mexico City have complained about the droves of Californians that moved in, who work remotely. In a LA Times report, they noted local Mexicans are “fed up” with the growing number of Americans, mainly from California, who are moving to or visiting their country.

The article said that what used to be taquerias and local corner stores have been morphed into yoga studios and coffee shops. Very American.

Not only are Americanized businesses popping up everywhere, but the English language is also commonly spoken now. Some residents claim that white people from America and other foreigners are changing the character of their neighborhoods, called gentrification.

Mexico Has Americans Hooked

According to an article by the Mexican Daily Post, when the world took daily work remotely during the pandemic, many employees were forced to work from home remotely. Some employees were granted a freedom they might not have otherwise had before remote working was a ‘thing,’ and could spread their wings and fly to more affordable or desired places like Mexico City.

Cities in parts of Mexico are a destination for Americans in part because of affordable housing, lower rent, and you can stay there for six months without a visa.

Some experts revealed Californians who moved to Mexico were fleeing from Gavin Newsome’s policies, inflation, and soaring living costs, causing a decline in the population two years a row in 2021. CNBC reported that about 800,00 Californians and 1.8 million American citizens live in Mexico.

A month’s rent in Mexico can average as little as $430 per month, while rents may average $1,500 north on the border of San Diego. Local Mexican citizens fear they will soon become outpriced.

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One thought on “Mexicans to Californians: “The Locals — Hate You””
  1. LOL, well the shoe is on the other foot! I watched for decades as millions of Mexicans moved into my home town in southern California. Many getting well fair, health care, pushing up taxes, and clogging the roads.
    I wager Mexico will not tolerate allowing Americans to move there and stop them and deport them.

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