Biden Signs Contract With China-Backed N.C. Luxury Camp To House Illegal Children

Biden's administration quietly signed contracts to house illegal immigrant children at a luxurious campus in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Biden administration quietly signed contracts to house illegal alien children smuggled by cartels at a luxury campus in Greensboro, North Carolina.

What’s The Deal?

Biden’s new luxury campus, American Hebrew Academy, is for illegal immigrant children. It is located behind a Target store and close to a neighborhood in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Gateway Pundit said, “The site is the 100-acre former American Hebrew Academy that closed in 2019 but was saved with millions of dollars in loans from a Chinese company that effectively took over the school. The campus has been renamed the Greensboro Piedmont Academy Influx Care Facility for UC. UC stands for unaccompanied children, meaning Biden is incentivizing families to send their children alone on the dangerous trek to illegally cross the U.S. southern border for the chance to get all expenses paid care –.”

Three campus related contracts were signed in 2022, with the smallest at ‘just’ $49M for the five-year lease, two five-year contracts with Deployed Resources at $177M (consulting and admin support), and $166M for social services. The social services contract may be awarded upwards of $322M if the Biden administration.

Where Is The Luxury Camp?

The camp is located in Greensboro, North Carlina.

There are 16 single-sex dormitory houses and 34 staff resident apartments, 32 buildings, an $18 million 80,000 square-foot athletic center which includes two basketball courts, rock climbing, racquetball, a gym, and an eight-lane pool. Also on campus is a soccer stadium, baseball fields, softball fields, multipurpose fields, and a rubberized track.

According to the Washington Examiner, the parentless children will be arriving in Greensboro as early as next weekend, an undertaking by Biden to detain immigrant children away from the southern border.

Early last year, Biden didn’t want to turn away illegal alien children without guardians (although the pandemic policy mandated it). And at that time, about 18,000 parentless children appeared at the U.S.-Mexico border, the most recorded in a single month.

Mexican parents pay deep-rooted cartels thousands of dollars to smuggle children across the border to the US.

Push Back From Public Officials

On July 18th, nine North Carolina Republican senators and members of Congress challenged Biden on the involvement of China, the governments intentions of the camp, and other concerns about the Academy in a letter, here.

The outspoken public officials sent the administration a set of 18 direct and interesting questions like “Did your agency receive approval from any other state, local, or federal entity or organization before entering an agreement to open this ICF?”

Another question was directed to protect NC taxpayers “What are the estimated costs to taxpayers to house UCs at this location?”

Concerns of gang members were addressed in the question to DHS “What steps does DHS take to ensure UCs who are gang members or have criminal backgrounds are appropriately detained and removed?”

According to reports, there has been pushback from the community and state leaders who were surprised about the contract.  

Many citizens ask “why” Biden would offer such luxury to illegals rather than to children in US foster care, abused women and children, veterans in need, or other situations ailing US citizens.

Concerning Links To China

The Judicial Watch reported that several Chinese were in high positions at The American Hebrew Academy. “The American Hebrew Academy has deep Chinese connections, according to records uncovered by Judicial Watch. Its president, vice president and treasurer are Ni Zhang, Shong Gao, and Wei Yang. A few months after closing in the fall of 2019, the school took out a $26 million mortgage from Puxin, a Chinese education company. It planned to open under a new name, but never did. The money HHS is paying in rent will likely be used to pay back the Chinese company.”

Puxin Limited is a Chinese K-12 after-school educational services provider based in Beijing.

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