Man Wins Lottery Three Times With Same Number!

A 52-year-old man has won $50,000 playing Pick 5 for the third time within a year, and celebrated his win with his supportive wife!

Here’s The Three-Time Winner’s Story

The winner put a $1 straight bet on his number, 48548. ‘It hit last year and it hit again,’ the Charles County man, who is choosing to stay anonymous, told the Maryland Lottery on Wednesday.

The man won the April 13 midday drawing and went to the lottery headquarters to claim his prize this week. He previously won $100,000 on two tickets he bought on a May 18, 2022, midday drawing.

He has since been nicknamed ‘Big Winner’. He added that he thinks most lottery winners erroneously stop playing because they believe they won’t be able to win more than once.

‘I play the Lottery all the time. You never know,’ he said. ‘You can’t win if you are not in it.’

The driver said he will continue to play after his third win.

He and his wife plan to use the money from his latest win on a vacation. He said his hobbies are visiting racetracks, as well as playing the Lottery’s Racetrax game.

The store he bought his latest Pick 5 ticket from, Big Mouth Beer, Wine and Liquor in Waldorf, is receiving a $500 bonus.

The Winner’s History

Last year, the man won using the same numbers on two separate Pick 5 tickets that he purchased for the same drawing. He bought two $1 straight tickets plus two $1 box tickets. His then-fiancé was the one who alerted him of his fortune.

‘”You played your numbers, right?” she said to me,’ he said at the time.

He said: ‘Of course I did.’ ‘”We got it” she screamed through the phone!’ he said.

In addition to the $50,000 he won on each ticket, he got $1,650 twice on the two box tickets.

‘I just got warm all over,’ he said.

As reported by Metro UK.

This article is dedicated to my Dad, who also plays the same lottery numbers often- but has ‘yet’ to win big. Like the three-time winner, my Dad also has his beautiful wife’s support (My sweet Mom). I love you, Dad! “Never give up.”

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