Big name stores are in the news for overcharging their customers in North Carolina, and experts are urging people to continue checking their receipts.

Here’s What Happened

Over three dozen supermarkets in North Carolina have been issued fines of a combined $304,635 for overcharging shoppers at the tills this year.

Big-name retailers including Target, Walmart, and Dollar General are among the 37 stores in 22 counties to have been hit with fines for scanning errors, the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Standards Division said on Tuesday. 

Each location was found to be overcharging customers at a rate of at least two percent after multiple unannounced inspections.

The highest fine of $32,685 was issued to a Family Dollar store in coastal Perquimans County. It had an initial error rate of 28 percent. Ten more Family Dollar locations were fined statewide.

The Walmart Supercenter in Leland, outside Wilmington, was also hit with a $3,395 fine.

After the initial inspections, each store was given the opportunity to get their error rate under two percent.

Only the locations that failed to get below that for subsequent inspections were fined.

“Our Standards Division closely watches stores to ensure that consumers are protected,” said Steve Troxler, North Carolina‘s agriculture commissioner.

Any North Carolina resident with concerns about overcharging at a store can file a complaint by calling (984) 236-4750.

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