A man accused of killing a Michigan woman with a crossbow was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday.

Here’s What Happened

Police in Battle Creek, Michigan, say a woman was killed in a crossbow shooting that happened at a home in the 700 block of Capital Avenue NE on Sunday.

Upon arrival, police discovered Kori-Lee Moser, 44, had been shot with a crossbow.

Despite first responders’ efforts to provide medical care and transport her to Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, Kori-Lee Moser, 44, succumbed to her injuries.

Joel Wagner, 59, has been identified as the suspect who allegedly shot Moser with a crossbow. He was arraigned on Tuesday and charged with open murder.

Wagner and Moser had been living together at the home, and had been in a relationship for two years, Battle Creek Communications Specialist Eric McClure confirmed Tuesday, CBS affiliate WWMT reported.

Drugs are suspected to have been a factor in the shooting, and forensic testing is pending, McClure said, according to the station.

Battle Creek Police are still investigating this case. There is no current threat to the community, from this incident.

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One thought on “Man Kills Girlfriend With Crossbow”
  1. Was she a progressive woke democrat who voted straight democrat?
    I say Joel Wagner does not deserve the death penalty. Michigan needs to spend whatever it costs to treat him humanely, further his education, teach him bow and arrow safety, afford him the best legal counsel and even pay for a sex change operation if he wishes and put him on 60 Minutes.
    We need to fully implement democrat policies as Amerika becomes a compliant woke democrat fascist communist country.
    Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way.

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