Man Commits Quadruple Murder in Cornfield

Antoine Suggs, from Wisconsin, has been found guilty of murdering four innocent people who were left in a Wisconsin cornfield.

Here’s What Happened

The man accused of the 2021 St. Paul quadruple murder, where victims’ bodies were found in a cornfield in western Wisconsin, has been convicted of all four murder charges.

Antoine Suggs, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, was found guilty by a jury on Friday afternoon.

Suggs testified that he shot the four in self-defense because he thought they were going to rob him, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

Prosecutors said his motive remains unclear but that Suggs meant to kill the victims after a night of drinking in St. Paul.

Suggs was charged in September 2021 after the four victims, 35-year-old Loyace Foreman III, 26-year-old Matthew Isiah Pettus, 30-year-old Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, and 30-year-old Jasmine Christine Sturm, were discovered in the Town of Sheridan, Wisconsin inside an SUV shot to death.

Suggs’ father was charged in the case for aiding his son in disposing of the bodies and subsequently pleaded guilty.

Suggs’ father, Darren McWright, who also goes by the last name Osborne, was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to helping his son hide the victims’ bodies.

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