Major Airline Delta To Pay Attendants During Boarding

Delta will pay Attendants during the boarding process, rather than not paying them during that time.

The Scoop

We didn’t know that flight Attendants “did not” get paid during the boarding process, but now that we do, we are just as surprised to hear that they didn’t – in the first place!

Delta is one of the world’s oldest airlines in operations and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, operating over 5,400 flights daily.

This week, Delta announced they will be paying their flight attendants during the time a passenger boards, taking effect in June of this year. The rate of pay during the boarding process will be 50% of regular wages.

You can check out an article with more details from the Associated Press, here:

Big Win

The Association of Flight Attendants is taking credit for the win and remarked “Today, let’s celebrate that our organizing is pushing management to do more than they would have without being challenged,” the union said in a statement. “And let’s double down on our campaign so we can secure a contract that locks in all of these benefits AND ensures we have a say in our pay, benefits, and working conditions every day at Delta.”


The changes come after tests were made to make changes with boarding time, an extra 5 minutes, but not unless the pay increase was passed. Delta started testing last fall for the 5-minute difference in single-aisle “narrow body” planes, a difference of 35 minutes to 40 minutes for boarding time.

Delta hopes this will help increase the number of on-time take-offs.

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