Buy, Buy, Buy Electric Cars – But What About The Electric Battery Waste?

By It's On News Staff Apr27,2022

The government is pushing electric car sales across America, but has anyone thought about what will happen to the car batteries?

Sure, it sounds like you’re saving the planet by purchasing an electric vehicle, because “everyone” calls electric cars a “green” purchase. This results in giving excited car buyers reimbursements, special privileges in HOV lanes, and being able to maneuver around certain fees during a car purchase.

Feeling Good

The buyer is feeling good at this point, showing off their shiny, quiet vehicle to friends and family. After a while, the newness wears off and you’re left with a fancy, expensive, “green” vehicle that everyone was raving about, however, now you want to on a road trip a couple of states away and the reality sits in.

How will you get there?


After the initial happy phase wears off and the car purchase really sets in, people who are road warriors are having trouble planning long road trips, as the electric car isn’t as reliable as a gas guzzler. Meaning, you have to wait and charge up the car rather than stopping at a gas pump for 5 minutes and getting back on the road.

The Battery

Not only that, if the buyer has the car for a while then it might be time to replace the pricey battery. According to Just The News, “A study published in Science Advances says global demands for lithium and cobalt, essential to EV batteries, are expected to increase around 10-fold from 2018 to 2030, surpassing current supply.”

All industry leaders agree that the decision on what to do with retired batteries will become a major issue down the road, and are demanding facilities to recycle lithium-ion EV batteries and extract raw materials.


Not only are batteries a major issue, but so is the amount of radiation that comes from electric vehicles. According to DefenderShield, a leader in EMF protection products, states “Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California Berkeley, shared that hybrid and electric cars may be cancer-causing as they emit increased levels of ELF.”

ELF is extremely low-frequency radiation that emits from electronic devices, from their batteries, parts and internal circuitry.

What’s Next

Currently, Tesla and the major electronic car manufacturers are finding new ways to help reduce and eliminate waste from the production of batteries.

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