Lucky Passenger Flew On United Airlines 23 Million Times, For Free

In 1990, Tom Stuker bought a United Airlines lifetime pass. He has since flown 23 million miles and redeemed countless miles.

Tom “Best Investment of My Life”

Stuker — a car dealership consultant from New Jersey — has flown 23 million miles, which, according to The Washington Post, is more miles than any individual in history.

In 1990, United Airlines advertised a lifetime pass for $290,000, and Stuker quickly snagged the offer.

Now, 33 years later, Stuker frequently enjoys his favored perch in seat 1B.

Per the Washington Post, Stuker at one point spent 12 consecutive days without touching a bed, as he flew from Newark to San Francisco and then to Bangkok and Dubai, only spending time outside of the friendly skies while he visited airport lounges.

Stuker, now 69 years old, told the newspaper that the accumulation of airline miles drove his frequent travels.

World’s Most Frequent Flyer Is Tom Stuker

“Best investment of my life,” he said.

Stuker said he knew early on that frequent-flier miles weren’t just a way to get more flights; he also ended up selling and trading miles with others.

He told The Post he once used miles to obtain so many gift cards that he could renovate his brother’s home. (United no longer extends such passes to its fliers, per the newspaper.)

Tom Stuker passed the four-million-mile mark many years ago. In fact, he was just about to hit 22 million, before he had to cancel his celebratory trip to Australia, due to COVID-19.

While we all like to fly and might think that we are well-traveled, what most of us have achieved in air miles is nothing compared to New Jersey car dealership consultant Tom Stuker.

After having flown worldwide to train people how to run car dealerships, Tom Stuker had, as of July 2022, clocked up 23 million miles on over 12,000 flights.

United Is Making Changes

United Airlines is attempting to address stressed flyers’ needs with an in-app upgrade that allows customers to rebook their flights and receive vouchers in the case of flight delays or cancellations.

The new self-service tool will take the lead and automatically provide travelers with re-booking options, meal, and hotel vouchers if applicable, and bag tracking information.

The meal vouchers will be available to travelers whose flight is delayed by at least three hours, and hotel vouchers will be offered to those impacted by flight cancelations or overnight delays, with the caveat that disruptions caused by weather will not result in a voucher.

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