Loaded Gun Pulled on McDonald’s Worker Over Free Cookie

A Florida woman pulled a loaded gun on McDonald’s staff over a free cookie, assaulted an employee, and was charged by the police.

Customer Really Wanted Her Free Cookie

According to WESH, a woman from Florida, who was extremely angry, aimed a loaded gun at frightened McDonald’s employees on Thursday over a disagreement about a complimentary cookie.

During her visit to an Altamonte Springs McDonald’s, Amari Hendricks, who is 24 years old, engaged in a dispute with an employee regarding her entitlement to a free cookie.

Despite a McDonald’s employee giving her a complimentary cookie, Hendricks remained agitated, and the argument persisted.

Gun Pulled At Florida McDonald’s

According to the police, Hendricks proceeded to take out a black handgun and loaded a magazine before pulling back the slide and aiming the weapon at one of the drive-thru workers.

The sudden and alarming escalation of the situation caused the employees to become frightened, prompting them to quickly retreat into the interior of the restaurant and try to lock the front door.

After gaining entry to the restaurant, Hendricks reportedly physically assaulted a male worker, scratching his face and neck. Her assault was interrupted when a colleague called 911 and police arrived at the scene.

After initially refusing to obey the orders of the responding officers, Hendricks was ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

Hendrick’s Was Arrested After Assault

Hendricks faced multiple charges as a result of the incident, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and resisting arrest.

These charges stemmed from her use of a gun to threaten McDonald’s workers during an argument over a free cookie, as well as her subsequent assault on a male worker and her resistance to law enforcement.

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  1. Gimme my free cookie mutha bucka says the 24 year old with the brain of a 12 year old!!!
    She was “disrespected” cuz she didn’t get her free cookie!!!
    What a goof…. and idiot too!!!

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