CA Mom Who Hosted Teenage Sex Parties Assaulted in Jail

A California mother who has been accused of hosting wild sex parties for teenagers has been attacked in jail while serving her sentence.

California Mom Assaulted While In Jail

In California, a mother who was accused of hosting a party where she allegedly watched her teenage son and his friends engage in sexual activity was assaulted while in jail.

According to court documents, Sharon O’Connor, an inmate, was reportedly assaulted by five other inmates – Sophia Vigil, Marjaana Gardea, Erika Amaya, Danielle Chavez, and Anita Quiroz – in a dorm room at Santa Clara County jail on October 24th.

The attackers allegedly kicked and beat O’Connor during the attack. The five inmates are currently being held at the same jail.

CA Mom Hosted Teen Abusive Sex Parties

Sharon O’Connor has been serving her sentence at Elmwood Correctional Facility for allegedly hosting multiple sex parties over an eight-month period between 2020 and 2021. It’s reported that her husband was reportedly unaware of the situation.

As per the prosecutors, Sharon O’Connor reportedly met the teenage boys and girls through her son’s social media connections, and they all attended Los Gatos High School.

The girls involved in the incident have alleged that O’Connor allowed the boys to sexually assault them while she watched. The prosecutors also stated that the girls were heavily intoxicated and would vomit and lose consciousness during the assault.

According to prosecutors, during one of the incidents, Sharon O’Connor allegedly gave a condom to a boy and forcefully pushed him into a room with an intoxicated 14-year-old girl. The prosecutors further stated that the girl was frightened, ran away, and locked herself in the bathroom to protect herself.

Sharon O’Connor Faces Troves of Charges

Sharon O’Connor was awaiting trial when the attack took place, which lasted for approximately 16 seconds before the deputies intervened and separated the inmates. During the incident, O’Connor did not fight back. She was later taken to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

Currently, Sharon O’Connor is facing 39 felony charges, which include child endangerment and sexual battery.

Before her arrest, O’Connor worked as an administrative assistant at Aruba Networks. In addition to the current charges, she is also facing allegations of fraud for reportedly misusing a company credit card and making unauthorized transactions worth $120,000.

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  2. kudos to the 5 other female inmates. Where’s the GoFund me account for them?????
    Just heard the California State Public School Board is paying for Sharon O’Connor’s legal defense team. Apparently they want to hire her as the California state certified curriculum advisor for elementary school sex education for 1st and 2nd graders using her own home videos as “educational aids.”
    But like all public educational districts in America, the California State Public School Teachers Association wants the curriculum to more appropriately be called “indoctrination” with role playing and participation from students.
    The idea seems to be gaining support among California residents.

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