Kamala Harris Turns Heads for Other Reasons

Kamala Harris has been speaking about the climate and praising the administration for helping American’s save money on electricity.

Kamala Harris and Asphalt

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris, 58, spoke about climate change and how it disproportionately affects urban communities.

She refers to Venn Diagrams, and how much she loves them.

Later on she refers to public health consequences to climate (change).

“Think about the climate issue in the context of what we need to do to deal with, for example, extreme heat and what that means in urban communities where there’s only asphalt that just actually exasperates the heat effect, and where there are no trees…” Harris said.

Clap, Please

While Harris was walking on stage, the audience was asked to clap, but it didn’t produce a lot of results.

Kamala Harris Says She Reduced Electricity Bills

Kamala Harris announced the Biden administration’s latest strategy to reduce expenses for individuals buying homes in Bowie, Maryland, during her speech on Wednesday.

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced an action that will save homebuyers and homeowners with new FHA-insured mortgages an average of $800 per year, lowering housing costs for an estimated 850,000 homebuyers and homeowners in 2023.” the White House said in a statement.

Many feel her words aren’t accurate:

  • The CPI index shows electricity prices are up 11.9% year over year.
  • Natural gas utility prices are up 26.7% year over year.
  • Fuel oil prices are 27.7% year over year.

Kamala Harris has seen poll results at both the national and early presidential primary state levels suggesting she will struggle electorally once President Joe Biden’s political career is over.

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One thought on “Kamala Harris Turns Heads for Other Reasons”
  1. My heating bill hasn’t gone down. My home heating oil is still priced over $4.70 a gallon. I live in an older house that I rent and it has a 1000 gallon oil tank that I cannot fill and I live in Western Maryland where it is very cold in the winter months. I have to keep my thermoset set at 62 degrees so that my oil (which I was only able to buy 600 gallons) will last though the cold spell. And the electric definitely hasn’t gone down, so I don’t think, let me change that, I know she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

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