Jill Biden’s Fashion Choices and Her Trip to Africa

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden recently visited Africa, and made quite a splash with her dress collection.

First Lady Flies to Africa

First lady Jill Biden arrived in Namibia last week, the first stop on a trip meant to show the administration’s commitment to Africa, according to a White House official.

She was accompanied by her granddaughter Naomi.

Her intentions are to talk about food insecurity in the Horn of Africa, how the youth can contribute to the country’s democracy and health, women’s equality and gender based violence.

“The purpose of Dr. Biden’s engagement will be to better understand and appreciate some of the very direct impacts of climate change compounded by the blocking of food exports from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” an official said.

During her arrival in Kenya, Jill Biden had a little trouble with her dress. At one point, it was almost a Marylyn Monroe moment!

Minecraft Dress?

When Jill was in Namibia, she wore a dress that raised an eyebrow because of the pattern. Many say it was a “minecraft” dress.

Minecraft is a video game where players create and break apart destroy various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. The game‚Äôs two main modes are Survival and Creative.

First Lady Biden met with citizens of Namibia.

Others compared her dress to Tetris.


Jill Biden Sort of Announces Reelection

Jill Biden gave one of the clearest indications yet that President Joe Biden will run for a second term, telling The Associated Press in an exclusive interview on Friday that there‚Äôs ‚Äúpretty much‚ÄĚ nothing left to do but figure out the time and place for the announcement.

Biden aides have said an announcement is likely to come in April, after the first fundraising quarter ends, which is around the time that President Barack Obama officially launched his reelection campaign.

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  1. She is just like Michelle Obama, taking Air Force One to go on a shopping spree at the cost of us, the US citizens. If they wanted to go shopping, let them take a regular airline and let them pay for it.

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