Ex-USPS Employee Avoids Prison Time After Stealing 100 Packages

Former U.S. Post Office employee in Delaware avoids prison after stealing over 100 packages from the mail.

Former U.S. Post Office employee in Delaware avoids prison after stealing over 100 packages from the mail.

Former USPS Employee Gets Away With Stealing Your Mail

A federal judge has sentenced Jasmine Holloway, 33, to six months of home confinement followed by two years’ probation, after stealing more than 100 packages from the mail over several months.

This sentence was jointly recommended by federal prosecutors and Holloway’s public defender, however the defendant was ordered to pay more than $32,000 in restitution.

Holloway had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of mail theft by a postal employee, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of five years per count. Court records indicate she worked at the post office in Marshallton, Deleware from 2019 to 2021, conveniently located near a reshipping company specializing in international package delivery.

Holloway Opened Mail and Took Electronic Devices

Investigators said Holloway discovered a significant influx of electronic devices that were meant to end up at the reshipping company, at the post office.

In August 2021, after transferring to another post office, Holloway started using the secret access code to enter the Marshallton facility after business hours. It was there that she opened mail that was addressed to the reshipping company, took electronic devices and sold them to third parties.

Prosecutors highlighted the seriousness of Holloway’s crimes, emphasizing the breach of public trust.

Prosecutors Went Light on Sentencing

Prosecutors took into account her limited criminal history and compliance with pretrial conditions resulting in home confinement rather than prison time.

The scheme orchestrated by Holloway victimized over 120 people, 80 were located in Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. Surveillance cameras captured evidence of some of the thefts.

Prosecutors said Holloway’s crime was serious and a betrayal of the public’s trust, however only issued restitution and home confinement rather than prison.

They noted she has since obtained a new job and continued to care for her three children.

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