Entire N.C. Police Force Resigns Protesting New Town Manager

The small town of Kenly, North Carolina, just lost their entire police department after the new Town Manager started her position. 

The small town of Kenly, North Carolina, just lost their entire police department after the new “progressive” Town Manager started her position. 

Justine Jones became the new town manager on June 2nd after claims of a “nationwide search” for someone appropriate to manage the small town, population of 2,400. According to the press release, a unanimous decision was made to hire Justine Jones after sorting through 30 candidates. 

Police Chief Resigns

Sources obtained a copy of a resignation letter from the police chief of almost 20 years, Josh Gibson, which included, “due to a hostile work environment now present in the town of Kenly, I do not believe progress is possible.” Six other letters mentioned the hostile work environment and that “decisions being made” may be “dangerous.” 

Gibson hinted he might come back to the force if Jones were fired.

Three officers had already resigned before a trove of others decided to follow suit, including all seven town employees. It is not clear if the part-time workers will also quit.

Who Is Justine Jones?

Jones earned her bachelor’s degree at Concordia University, her first Masters degree at Humphrey School in Public Policy, and a second Masters degree in Public Administration from New York Baruch College. She has worked in several states, including Virginia, Minnesota, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Before managing a close-knit and small NC community, Jones was fired from her last employer in Richland, SC, where she was an assistant director and research manager. Jones, an African American, sued the county for racial discrimination and gender, being unfairly paid, and working in a “hostile” environment due to her handicap. The case was voluntarily dismissed, and no one knows why.

Since being fired, Jones was part of a consulting firm, Word of Mouth Realtime LLC, which is registered as a legal entity in Virginia.

Public Opinion

Many claim she’s trying to make the city of Kenly “woke,” like other cities that were infiltrated by progressive ideologies. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, to name a few. 

Many took to Twitter, applauding the police officer’s decisions.

This person thought the new Town Manager could be related to Soros money.

Others claim it’s because the is a black woman.

The City of Kenly held an emergency town hall meeting Friday night.  Kenly is located about 45 miles southeast of Raleigh.

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