Carjacking crimes have plagued Chicago in recent years, and now video has emerged showing just how harrowing the experience can be for a victim.

Rideshare Driver Attacked By Car Thieves

A dramatic video shows the moment a Chicago Uber driver was carjacked in a coordinated, blindsided attack by several armed men, further highlighting the city’s rampant and flagrant crime wave.

A 32-year-old rideshare driver was sitting in his 2019 Nissan hatchback in the 3300-block of West Carroll Avenue at about 11:46 p.m. when police said four male suspects approached him.

The footage shows an Audi A4 pulled over on a four-lane road with its headlights on when two other vehicles approach from the other direction — turning to trap the Audi by blocking it at the front and rear.

The front-seat passenger of the SUV, angled in front of the victim’s vehicle, then exits and points a firearm directly at the victim.

At first, the Audi rolls forward as the desperate 27-year-old driver tries to escape, but within seconds, at least three men leap from the surrounding vehicles — with at least one pointing a gun at him.

The targeted driver is then dragged out and thrown to the ground as the gang “displayed handguns and demanded the victim’s vehicle,” Chicago police said.

An attacker is seen tying the driver’s hands behind his back, leaving him face-down in the street as others enter his car

At least two of the carjackers enter the victim’s vehicle, but do not immediately drive away. Then the other perpetrators’ return for a few moments when all three vehicles, including the victim’s vehicle, drive away.

The close coordination and timing suggests these perpetrators have some experience in stealing cars.

No one was injured and no one is in custody, police said. Area Four detectives are investigating.

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  1. This is proof we all need to “CARRY”, because these migrants would not be doing this if we all at least conceal carry.

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