Police are warning residents about a scam targeting gas station customers using their credit cards at the pump.

The Lower Merion Police Department said the “pump switching” scammers are approaching citizens while they fill up and offer to help – usually, they won’t take no for an answer. The scammers will then take hold of the gas pump, and won’t end the transaction when the victim leaves.

Then when more drivers pull up to the pump, the scammer will offer to pump gas for them but request they pay in cash. Meanwhile, they’re running up charges on the victim’s credit card, while pocketing the cash before police arrive.

Lower Merion police warned the public in a Facebook post on Friday and said anyone witnessing the scam should stay at the scene in a safe area and call 911.

“To protect yourself (and your wallet) please make sure to always hang up your own gas nozzle or hit ‘end transaction’ on the pump’s keypad. It is wise to print a receipt at the pump or obtain one from the office to as proof of purchase,” the post said.

This article is a repost from CBS News Philadelphia: Pa. police department warns of “pump switching” scam at gas stations

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