Disney Delays Release of ‘Woke’ Snow White Remake

By Alex Steele Oct29,2023 #Disney

Social media was in a frenzy over the news Friday that Disney’s controversial upcoming live-action “Snow White” reboot will be delayed another year.

Disney Makes Announcement About Upcoming Movie Releases

Disney is delaying its upcoming live-action Snow White remake starring Rachel Zegler.

The studio’s also just released a new photo of the film’s take on the seven dwarfs that’s rather… let’s say “interesting.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has decided to push back the release dates for director Marc Webb’s Snow White and Pixar’s new feature Elio, from director Adrian Molina.

After seeing a new promotional image included in Disney’s announcement, many X users speculated that the movie was being rehauled after backlash to progressive elements that the Walt Disney Company and the film’s star, Rachel Zegler, claimed were being incorporated into the film.


The film, officially titled “Disney’s Snow White,” is one of the studio’s major releases for the year and was set to be a cornerstone of its spring lineup.

In the case of “Snow White,” which aims to remake key aspects of the original 1937 film, changes apparently go beyond mere delays.

A “sneak peek” at the film released by Variety earlier today shows that the film now appears to be using CGI dwarf characters rather than the random bunch of “diverse” people originally trotted out in first looks.

The Hollywood Reporter suggested the move was happening due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, noting, “Get ready for the dominoes to start falling in earnest as studios race to rearrange their 2024 theatrical release calendars amid the ongoing actors’ strike.”

The latest episode of “South Park” also took a jab at Disney, criticizing the quality of their recent movies.

The episode titled “Joining the Panderverse” replaced all main characters with minority women, mocking the film industry’s recent woke trends. You can watch it here, viewer discretion is advised.

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