Dad Arrested After Complaints To Kids School Over Homework

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A father’s desire to spend more time with his child has led to an Ohio man being arrested for repeatedly calling his child’s school and ‘harassing educators’ for giving his son ‘too much homework.’

Adam William Sizemore of Oxford is accused of repeatedly calling his child’s school to complain about the amount of homework, according to police in Oxford, Ohio.

Criminal complaints filed against Adam Sizemore claim he threatened the school principal, saying he ‘better put his big boy pants on.’

Frustrated dad called dispatch at least 18 times

When the school stopped answering Sizemore’s call, detectives say he started calling their police department, FOX19 reported. 

‘He calls dispatch, I think it was 18 times, roughly,’ Oxford Police Detective Sgt. Adam Price told the outlet.

In the audio records from the police department, Sizemore can be heard becoming frustrated that dispatchers are not telling him their names.

The dad was audibly frustrated that he kept getting the chief of police’s voicemail and being unable to speak with him directly. 

Invited to come into the police station and speak the the police chief directly, Sizemore according to transcripts responded: ‘He can come to my f****** house. I pay for him. He can come to my house.’ 

You know where this is going kids. Brace yourselves…

Adam Sizemore, Ohio dad arrested harassing child’s school over too much homework. Images via social media.

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After repeated calls, Sizemore did not get the chance to speak with the chief, but he did get to speak with officers.

In other audio recordings, a dispatcher told Sizemore that they would send out officers after his repeated calls to the department.

‘That ultimately ended when we took him into custody for telecommunications harassment as well as a menacing charge,’ Price explained according to KOLOTV

Sizemore was charged with two first-degree misdemeanors for telecommunications harassment, according to the criminal complaint. The menacing charge he faces is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, the complaint also shows. 

It remained unclear if the charges would now preempt the dad from spending ‘quality’ time with their child.

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