16-Year-Old Dies ‘Car Surfing’ In New Trend

A new trend of “Car Surfing” has claimed a 16-year-old’s life in Douglas County, Georgia, and authorities are sending grave warnings to citizens.

New Car Surfing Trend Is Deadly

The sheriff’s office said on May 5, deputies were called to the scene of a rollover crash on Quarry Drive. A 16-year-old boy in the car was critically injured in the crash and later died.

The sheriff’s office said another teenager was hurt but survived. Deputies said witnesses reported the backseat passengers were hanging out of the car’s windows.

“Car surfing,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office states, involves riding outside a moving car while another person drives. 

“In the wake of this devastating incident, we feel compelled to raise awareness about the dangers of car surfing,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. “Car surfing involves riding on the outside of a moving vehicle being driven by another person. It is crucial to understand that this activity is incredibly dangerous, and the consequences can be fatal.”

Teens have been reported “car surfing” in at least five other incidents in recent weeks in Douglas County, the sheriff’s office said, calling it a “deadly trend.”

On April 17, officials said a deputy’s dashcam video captured two teens sitting on the roof of a moving car through an open sunroof.

“No thrill or adrenaline rush is worth sacrificing your life or the lives of your friends or family members,” sheriff’s officials said. Authorities aren’t clear on how the trend got started.

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