Zebra Escapes and Gallops Around Seoul’s Busy Streets

By Vera Faye Mar27,2023 #Seoul #South Korea #Zebra #Zoo

A zebra that had escaped from its enclosure at a zoo in Seoul, South Korea, was found and returned home after a three-hour search.

Zebra Escapes and Runs Around Streets of South Korea

Sero, a male zebra named after the Korean word for “vertical,” escaped from the Seoul Children’s Grand Park Zoo on Thursday afternoon.

Police, fire officials, and zoo staff worked together to safely capture the escaped zebra.

Videos posted online showed the animal trotting past traffic on a busy road.

Sero was also seen wandering down a street and poking his nose into garbage bins in a residential area close to where he escaped in the city’s east.

According to the Seoul Gwangjin Fire Station, the young zebra, which was born at the zoo in 2021, broke the wooden fencing around its pen, allowing it to escape.

After entering a narrow alleyway, officials were able to trap Sero using a safety fence.

An official from the Children’s Grand Park Zoo confirmed to the Associated Press that the escaped zebra has been evaluated by veterinarians and is currently in stable condition.

According to its website, the zoo houses more than 400 animals from 38 species, including Korean dogs, monkeys and donkeys.

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