Z-Cup Male Teacher Back At School

The Canadian teacher who sparked controversy after photos showed him in class wearing Z-size prosthetic breasts last year has landed a new teaching gig.

Here’s What Happened

A transvestite in the Canadian province of Ontario became an international sensation last year by rankling parents over his preference for wearing massive fake breasts in the company of their children. He was placed on paid leave in March.

Parents of high schoolers at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, have been warned by the school’s principal there may be “protests” and “disruptions” over Kayla Lemieux’s hiring, in a memo obtained by the Toronto Sun.

Despite being photographed without his breasts when not in the classroom, Lemieux insists his breasts are natural – a result of a condition called ‘gigantomastia.’ ‘The diagnosis is based on verbal discussions I have had with my doctor,’ Lemieux told the Toronto Sun in February.

“We are writing to you today because we anticipate the school your child is attending this year, Nora Frances Henderson, may receive some level of public attention, and we want to communicate what this means for you, your children, and our school,” Principal Tom Fisher wrote in a school memo to parents.

Lemieux’s new role comes after his tenure was cut short at nearby Oakville Trafalgar High after a firestorm erupted over images of him in tight-fitting tops, accentuating his large breasts.  

Unable to present a note or letter of the doctor’s findings backing up his claims, Lemieux said it’s offensive to be queried. 

His previous school also threatened suspension of students who took pictures of the educator without permission.  

Fisher’s cautionary note does not warn parents that the school’s new teacher dresses like a caricature of a woman or that he has been the subject of various concerns about safety risks to children raised by the parents of past students.

The memo reportedly stated that the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has an “obligation to uphold individual rights and treat everyone with dignity and respect” and “should the school be subject to any disruptions or protests, we are committed to communicating with you as openly and as frequently as possible to ensure student safety – and to share any operational plans.”

Parents must now “email or call before coming to the school to speak to an employee if they wish to visit.” 

These security measures appear to be prompted, in part, by the criticism Lemieux has faced and the bomb threat his previous school received via email during a week he had been noticeably absent from class — around the same time he lost his wig skydiving with male porn star Alexandre Boisvert.

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