Would You Be A Good Bunny Rabbit Parent?

By Kate Striker Apr27,2022

Bunny rabbits are one of the cutest living animals on planet earth. Would you be a good parent to one?

They are cute, adorable, sweet, soft, cuddly and funny animals, and if we’re lucky we can sneak a few pets in with one at the local petting zoo.

Even though they are super cute, does that mean they are cute to take care of, too? Rabbit parents reveal some advice for new “bun” owners.

Bunny Ownership Questions

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. Where will the bunny live?
  3. How often are you home?

How much will it cost?

Owning a bunny might not break the bank, but it sure will put a little dent in your dollars. At least, up front. If you’re not already a bunny owner then you’ll need food supplies, a place for them to live, toys, things for them to chew on, and even a leash if you plan to train them with one.

Where will the bunny live?

Once you bring your bun home, where will the little guy sleep, eat, relax, and run around? You’ll need to have enough room for him to run around, and believe me, he will run around. It’s not advised to let a bunny run around in areas that have sharp objects, or breakables.

How often are you home?

Bunny rabbits are just like having a dog, or similar, at least. You need to feed them certain times of the day, and tend to them like, well, having a dog. Cats are lucky where you can leave them for the day and they are fine on their own, however, rabbits like attention.

Before you make the decision about buying a rabbit as a baby, consider adopting one that already needs a home. Check out this Twitter account “Adoptable Buns”, because they post bunnies that need adopting every hour, and from all over the US. You can also go to their website, here.

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