Woman Turns Dumpster Diving into Profitable Business Venture

A woman in Pennsylvania is using an unconventional way to make a monthly income, using dumpsters as her primary source of revenue.

Dumpster Diving Ain’t That Bad

Veronica Taylor, a 32-year-old resident of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, has discovered a unique way to turn dumpster diving into a lucrative full-time business venture.

Taylor has partnered with her friend, Liz Wilson, 38, to sell authentic designer items salvaged from dumpsters on the WhatNot auction app and through live-streamed auctions.

Taylor described dumpster diving as a “real-life treasure hunt” and a “fantastic” experience.

Taylor and Wilson began dumpster diving together in June of 2022. Initially, it was just a hobby, but by February 2023, it had become Taylor’s full-time occupation.

Among her numerous finds are a Louis Vuitton wallet and designer shoes, which she donates most food and hygiene products to charity.

Dumpster Diving Makes A Living Wage

Taylor splits the sales with Wilson, and the duo claim to make a full-time income from dumpster diving.

The partners now travel to affluent neighborhoods and thrift shops in various cities to search for discarded designer items.

“We find Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors,” Taylor said, adding, “We thought, ‘There’s no way this was in the dumpster.'”

She assumes older people working in stores who may not know much about designer brands throw the items out.

Taylor and Wilson have expanded their business by conducting live-streamed auctions where customers bid on items as they are discovered.

Earnings Are 100% Profit

The money made is 100% profit, and Taylor and Wilson accept any reasonable offer. They also give away many items to keep their supporters coming back.

The partners hold a big auction every Saturday, featuring over 100 items, and conduct multiple pop-up auctions during the week, featuring between 40 and 70 items.

Taylor describes dumpster diving as a liberating experience that offers so much freedom. “It’s definitely not worth working a real job for,” she said.

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