Watch: Dog Escapes Kennel Midair

By Vera Faye Sep13,2023 #Airplane #Cute #Dogs

A TikTok video featuring a dog’s daring escape from her crate during a six-hour plane flight has taken the internet by storm.

Here’s The Story

In a now-viral social media post, TikTok user John Krajewski shared a video of Sputnik standing at the opening of a plane’s cargo hold, smiling with her tongue out looking down at the baggage conveyor belt to the surprise of airport workers.

Sputnik escaped her cage by chewing through the zip-ties and the metal lock that held the gate of the crate closed, all while being under a full dose of sedatives.

Krajewski, founder and CEO of Strange Loop Games a software development firm, said he and Sputnik’s flight was a six-hour cross-country trip and no one knows how long the pooch was out of the kennel.

“The crew said they opened the door and she was just standing there like she’s waiting for the red carpet,” Krajewski wrote in the video.


My Shiba Inu ‘Sputnik’ escapes her kennel mid flight! #shibainu #escapeartist #dogsoftiktok #airlines

♬ Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

When the dog and owner got home, the video shows Sputnik standing near a pool in a backyard, seemingly unfazed by her adventure. The owner said she appears to be perfectly fine and unfazed by the incident.

Sputnik is fine following the ordeal while the clip has been viewed more than 3.2 million times.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) specifies only small dogs and cats are typically permitted in the airplane cabin. However, some airlines may have different policies, and larger pets might be transported in a heated and ventilated cargo hold, which the IATA assures is a quieter and more comfortable environment for them.

The IATA recommends using a suitably sized container to ensure pets can move naturally while standing, sitting, and lying down.

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